What's in music?

We are a music agency with an innovative vision in music education. We want you to think, dream, create and get involved in music! Our hub is based in Hampstead and we provide instrumental, theory and music production tuition in all London areas as well as music workshops and events.

Who we are?

Thinkers, Dreamers, Creators

We are creative and passionate musicians with a big enthusiasm for sharing our knowledge. Our teachers are more than just teachers; they are also performers, composers, or recording artists.                                                                   


We hand-pick our teachers based on their qualifications, vision and experience. We look for individuals that will inspire and excite you, listen to your needs and understand your concerns. We will pair you with a teacher that’s flexible, fun and passionate, and able to create an individual approach that's right for you.          

What's unique about us?

Distinctive Mindset

Fun and innovation are at the heart of what we do. We understand that everyone has a different style and method of learning, therefore our lessons are taught with the student in mind and personalised around their interests and requirements. Our teaching philosophy is as creative and innovative and it is mature and professional. Many of our teachers have been coaching others for years and bring a wealth of experience to the role.                            

What we offer?

A Musical Journey!

In music offers you to create with music. We provide one-on-one or group workshops in instrumentalmusic theorycomposition and music production. We Provide lessons for all ages and abilities. We also offer workshops, masterclasses and events throughout London. We want all our students and friends to get into the music and build their confidence, so we encourage and enable performing within groups, jamming in ensembles and playing for audiences  across the city!                 


Please fill in our form so we can get in touch with you and personalise your musical journey.                                                


  • Ross Brilliant teacher, always demanding of the best. A good ear and analytical when it comes to bad habits, coupled with a wide range of practice strategies appropriate to the piece and the student. I would write more but I'd better go and practise now...
  • Jeron

    I went from knowing very little about Logic Pro to having a strong idea of how to use most of its tools. My tutor took me through each lesson step by step and always broke it down in a easy way to understand and if I didn’t understand he would find a different way to explain. He inspired me to work hard and was never boring even when it came to more technical aspects I would recommend this to any one starting out or if you are just sharping up your knowledge and skill set.

  • Roccio Our tutor is an inspirational, creative and warm teacher. She has created a lovely bond with our daughter who totally loves and enjoys her piano lessons.
  • Guilio

    My knowledge in Logic were few but thanks to my tutor now I feel more confident. Lessons are clear and his teaching way is simple and efficient. He is really patient and always ready to repeat and help me to understand with different explanations and practice examples.

  • Ying-ley Ling (Mother of John and Andrew - age 9 & 8) Our teacher is very patient and dedicated. She makes lessons for my sons great fun and because of her teaching my sons, they are regularly invited by their school to play in concerts.
  • Marie and Adam We have been very lucky to find and keep our tutor. We are very impressed by the speed at which our son learnt to read music. He really enjoys his weekly lessons as she is always encouraging, kind and challenging.
  • Ying Elize passed her piano grades and she is enjoying her theory tuition. We have a great teacher with patience and understanding for all the pupils. We are very happy with Elize's continued progress and she enjoying all aspects of music.

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